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Tess Baxter

Tess Baxter

Tess works with light on screen and turns it into ink on paper. The original images come out of a digital virtual world and her video art, her first main practice. Everything in the virtual world has come from the real world, and she keeps the circle turning, of being real yet not quite real.

Her process is photopolymer etching: she makes an acetate transparency from the screen image and transfers it onto a printing plate by exposure in a UV light box. The plate is then washed with water, revealing an etched surface that is then hardened. She uses Cranfield’s wonderfully rich inks on Hahnemuhle paper. Tess began printing at Iron Press in Lancaster, but over the winter of 2019-20 had a residency at Edinburgh Printmakers.

Printmaking came out of the idea of working together traditional craft methods and video editing during a PhD in contemporary art at Lancaster University. Both have been shown together in exhibitions and festivals.

Picture credit: Nathan Walton

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