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Suzie MacKenzie

Suzie MacKenzie

Suzie studied Fine Art Printmaking at Loughborough University then returned to the northern Highlands, where she now lives and works as a professional printmaker on the east coast of Sutherland with a studio overlooking the Moray Firth.

First engaging with collagraph, at evening classes at Highland Print Studio in 2013 her work has continued to explore the possibilities of the medium. The technique’s appeal for Suzie lies in its versatility and accessibility as well as in its uniquely textural possibilities; the printmaking plates she makes are constructed largely from recycled materials using everyday equipment. The subject matter of Suzie’s work explores the landscape and structures of the north-eastern highlands of Scotland in lyrical and enigmatic terms, often employing atmospheric colour in an endeavour to communicate the beauty and mystery of moments and places. Suzie’s interest in the landscape and in humankind’s interaction with it over time recently led to further study, successfully completing a Masters level module in ‘Art and Archaeology: contemporary theory and
practice’ in May 2019.

She was commissioned to write book on the technique, ‘Making collagraph Prints’, which was published by The Crowood Press in the same month. Suzie’s work has been exhibited widely in the UK and beyond and is held in private collections worldwide.