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Sue Rowland

Sue Rowland

Spending time between the beautiful Kentmere valley and her Green Door studio in Kendal, Sue researches stories of history and British folklore from a time when we were more in tune with nature, the landscape, and the weather. She combines these ideas with drawings of plants, animals, and birds to create rich coloured prints, layers of pattern, and intricate design layouts.

Sue hopes the illustrative detail will entice people to look closer at her work and to perhaps learn a quirky fact about the old folklore meanings that inspired each piece. She mainly works on multi plate lino prints which she often inks up in a painterly way. Sue enjoys the process of mark making and the relaxing process of cutting the designs. ‘Seeing the first print created from a new plate is always exciting!’ Sue trained at Central St Martins in London, where she explored her interest in printmaking and textiles, going on to work in the textile industry.

Since recently moving to Cumbria Sue has exhibited locally with Green Door Artists and Cumbrian Printmakers winning the Upfront Gallery Print Prize in 2020. Sue also inspires others, teaching workshops and running community arts projects.

We will be adding this collection very soon.