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Polly Marix Evans

Polly Marix Evans

Polly’s linocuts depict strong female images, often combined with stylised text, to send an empowering message to the viewer; produced in series to work as a set or a standalone piece.

Her recent work draws inspiration from experiences in life: the struggle to love and value yourself in a world where the female voice is often ignored or suppressed; the difficulties of recovering after traumatic experiences; the need to set boundaries and say what you think. She enjoys the link between body and mind through the practice of yoga and the way the phrases not only relate to the yoga poses, but all walks of life. Her linocuts are inked and burnished by hand, so no two prints are completely identical. It is this uniqueness that is one of the delights of this type of printmaking, and what makes each individual print so special.

Polly studied Fine Art Printmaking at The Manchester Metropolitan University. She works from her home in the Eden Valley in Cumbria, where she lives with her children who often model for her work. She is a member of Cumbria Printmakers and The Eden Valley Artistic Network. Her work is regularly exhibited across Cumbria and the UK

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