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Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs

Using recycled materials, Mark creates intricate sculptures featuring animals and horsemen. Influenced by archaeology his sculptures resemble ancient artefacts.

He says, 'My work is a meditation on the fragility of life, and the tragedy of obsolete power'. He describes his work as 'Natural-History'; in which themes of deep time, loss and conflict are combined with animal form, and symbolic materials. Referencing shamanism, his animals, are built from the inside out, starting with a skeleton and often including internal organs. The unsettling anatomical look resembles a cyborg or a creature in the stages of reanimation.

Recently Mark has been making paintings and sculptures of Nightjar; nocturnal, migratory birds with a rich folklore. Although his birds look realistic, their natural plumage has been replaced by military camouflage, or they hide against a weaponised landscape of camouflage fabric. Perhaps they are messengers from a dystopian future.

We will be adding this collection very soon.