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Margaret Ashman

Margaret Ashman

Margaret’s work is a meditation on the unseen, spiritual, emotional and otherness of life. Using photographs or video stills, sometimes layering images from multiple sources, she creates pieces in which a solitary dancer fills or interacts with a space.

Dancers or Deaf signers are photographed performing contemporary dance or signing to songs or texts. The manipulated imagery is transferred to multiple etching plates using traditional acids and aquatint, imparting a particular textural quality to the finished prints. Margaret makes her prints in her studio in Finsbury Park, London. Her series of prints ‘Tempo Rubato’ -literally ‘robbed time’- is named after a musical tempo marking in which the beat is slightly slower or faster than a strict metronomical one. Margaret graduated from the University of Brighton in 2005 with an MA in Printmaking and Professional Practice. She has exhibited widely in the UK and overseas since then.

In 2020 she had a solo show at the Muse Gallery, London and has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition for the last three years. She is working towards a solo show at the Swiss Church London in 2022.

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