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Liz Whiteman Smith

Liz Whiteman Smith

Liz Whiteman Smith is a freelance printmaker and artist, currently living in London. She has been inspired by her travels around the world and is drawn to the quirky and unusual. She creates series of multi-layered screen prints, working from her own photographs and drawings.

Liz exhibits regularly in the UK and has collectors in many countries. Liz creates her limited edition prints by drawing and colouring the image, then producing positives which are exposed onto silk screens. There is a separate screen for each colour, through which ink is pushed, before the final image is created by carefully lining up all the screens. Liz draws at home in Hertfordshire, then travels to Dalston in London to print.

Liz really enjoys exhibiting at art fairs as she can talk to people about her work and see their reactions. She enjoys making colourful, playful images that make people smile and likes to keep her work affordable so that everyone can take some home. Two of Liz’s recent landscape images were shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer exhibition.

We will be adding this collection very soon.