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Laura Sowerby

Laura Sowerby

Laura Sowerby creates intricate botanical prints and handmade wallpaper in linocut from her picturesque studio in the Langdale Fells. These bold and joyously detailed designs reflect a love of the nature and colour inspired by her Lakeland surroundings.

The work comes from the urge to take a long look at plants to capture their forms so that their purity can be enjoyed indoors. Chinese wallpaper and Japanese woodblock prints are another source of fascination. Laura’s work has been featured in Country Living, Gardens Illustrated, Country Homes & Interiors and English Home magazines and has been shown in galleries both locally and nationally. Highlights have been her solo exhibitions at Brantwood, former home of John Ruskin, and at Blackwell Arts and Crafts House.

She is a regular exhibitor at Printfest, and with the Lake Artists Society. ‘Discovering that I am a direct descendant of James Sowerby, famous 18th century botanical illustrator, is a delight, especially as my interests seem to have an eerie echo to his!’

We will be adding this collection very soon.