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Kit Boyd

Kit Boyd

Kit’s art explores our relationship with landscape and our place in nature. He uses a variety of printmaking techniques from etching on copper to relief methods such as linocut and collagraph.

Most of his ideas begin with a finished painting. The Topiarist is his most recent linocut which follows on from an earlier painting. This image is about caring for our environment, with each one of us creating a beautiful world to live in. There are 3 plates for this print: the first printed in yellow, the second in light blue and the third in dark blue in that order, with each stage being left to dry overnight before the next plate is printed.
The detailed key plate was carved sitting at a garden table during lockdown, when he had lots of time on his hands. The Dreamer is another recent linocut which Kit originally created for a Printmakers Council exhibition on the theme of Journeys in 2019.

He made a reduction linocut from one plate, and then this year decided to make it into a 3 plate linocut. The versions here are working proofs. The final editioned version is currently hanging in this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

We will be adding this collection very soon.