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Kevin Chester

Kevin Chester

Kevin’s work is inspired by many sources and cultures; from a scene in nature to an elaborate religious festival, a piece of music to a work of art.

The main project that he is working on is based upon the Afro-Brazilian cultural expression known as ‘Baiana’. Within this context he has scope to fully express himself by painting portraits and figures, unusual traditional costume, flowers, landscape, seascape, architecture, animals and interrelated spiritual and religious themes. The work is based upon Kevin’s experience of living in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and is a tribute to the people, their dignity, strength and sense of identity in the face of extreme and inhuman adversity.

When not working on this project, Kevin also draws and paint portraits, spiritual personages, landscapes and large allegorical pieces inspired by nature. All of these works help him to connect his inner and outer life which meet in the artwork.

We will be adding this collection very soon.