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Jemma Gunning

Jemma Gunning

Today the world is losing its architectural cultural heritage faster than it can be documented. While we should strive to preserve as much as possible of our collective past, we cannot save everything. One option is to document heritage before it is lost; this is where Jemma’s practice comes into play.

Using various printmaking processes her work acts as an artistic documentation of abandoned spaces which have historic and social significance. Jemma makes all her work at Bristol Print Atelier, a professional print studio she co-founded this year. Drawing underpins her practice and informs her printmaking processes. Specialising in etching and stone lithography, these methods resonate with the subjects she comes to find herself recording. They use an enforced decay, whereby acids erode metal and physically alter the surface of a limestone, echoing with the natural decay of the crumbling architectural forms she draws.

Jemma was recently granted an Elizabeth Greenshield Award, to produce a series of work that documents our fading heritage. She exhibits widely, both national and internationally with highlights being the RA Summer Show, London Original Print Fair and the RWA autumn show. Jemma is a member of the RE Printmakers, Heritage Craft Association and QEST craft

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