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Janette Phillips

Janette Phillips

“Colour anchors me and is a reminder that I am alive” The seasons and their changing hues are central to Janette’s paintings; some spring forth with verdant greens, joyous yellows and indulgent pinks while other paintings celebrate muted violet and grey heather tones, rich blacks and evocative blues.

Janette’s art is actually more about the movement and the moment than the subject matter. Her distinctive fluid watercolours seem to sum up the optimism and hope of nature, and inspiration could come equally from a flamboyant peony or a humbly unfurling fern as from the mesmeric Cumbrian and Lancashire coastlines, vast estuaries and majestic fells that surround Janette’s Sandside studio.

She says, “The energy that comes from nature has always been central to my practice and the coastal view from my studio reinforces my relationship with the natural world each day. I love how nature is constantly shifting, changing and renewing and it’s this effortless cyclical process of rejuvenation that I try to reflect and emulate through the natural pigments and intuitive processes I use in my work.”

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