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Graham Twyford

Graham Twyford

After training at Goldsmiths College London and graduating in Fine Art in 1979, Graham returned to Cumbria and has been painting in the Lake District ever since. He has exhibited at various venues, including the Royal Academy and the paintings are reproduced world-wide on varied products.

The landscapes explore Lakeland from intimate woodland studies to the high peaks. He works in many painting and graphic mediums, though most of the landscape work is in oils on canvas. Taking influence from American and British painting traditions such as the Luminists and Hudson River School, he applies similar working methods in a response to the diverse lake country.

Recently Graham has worked on a series of paintings exploring the atmospheric effects of light in various towns and cities in the north of England. For these works he makes observations of real people and reveals familiar locations in unusual and striking effects of light.

We will be adding this collection very soon.