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Glynn Thomas

Glynn Thomas

Glynn is a full-time artist living in Suffolk. Glynn’s work includes landscape and topographical compositions, but he is seduced by maritime subject matter which obviously includes rivers and estuaries. The reflections and luminosity of the sky and water help in the creation of a graphic image. The etchings are carried out in a realistic way, but are developed into images that are unconventional: the picture plane might be tilted or twisted, thereby condensing several perspectives within the image.

He approaches subjects as if he is floating above them, but drawing from a ground view point, producing an overall design. Sometimes map references have to be used to help with the composition. Etching has more techniques than any other form of printmaking. Glynn usually limits himself to line and aquatint etching.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, and has had work exhibited throughout the UK and world-wide. Works are in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford, the Museum of London, Ipswich Museum collection and The Houses of Parliament Art Collection.

We will be adding this collection very soon.