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Geraldine Walkington

Geraldine Walkington

Most of Geraldine’s work reflects the journeys she makes in the Lake District, Scotland and the Alps. Her sketchbook and camera go everywhere, to record the changing patterns of the landscape, shadows, sunsets, seasons and weather conditions.

Much of the work she is exhibiting was taken from an unforgettable snowy walk along the river Arve in Chamonix, watching the alpenglow as it bloomed and faded on the Aiguilles. Geraldine’s degree was in Fashion and Textiles, a passion she has had since a child; her mum taught her how to sew and Grandma taught her how to knit, and she is still doing both.

Twenty years of teaching art and fashion has given her the time to explore printmaking. It is the unpredictability of each outcome that pushes her practice; mixing disciplines and techniques gives her the freedom to create very personal images.

We will be adding this collection very soon.