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Dawn Gabrielle Chandler A.S.G.F.A.

Dawn Gabrielle Chandler A.S.G.F.A.

Dawn has always had a keen interest in packaging and typography so it was no surprise that she trained in Graphic Design after leaving school. She likes still life best of all, and finds it the ideal vehicle for her to convey an idea or theme.

Dawn gets her inspiration from various places but always centered around people, with music and spirituality featuring heavily. She has lots of paper stashed here and there with ideas scribbled on; her sketchbooks are in written form, not much to look at but they are all works in progress. A painting can be years in the making before she has even started to paint a single brush stroke.

Holidays are always more than just a getaway, as Dawn takes the opportunity to research the area in advance and collect as many items as she might need while there for any possible future artworks.

We will be adding this collection very soon.