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Colin Blanchard

Colin Blanchard

After completing a Post-Graduate in Printmaking in the 1970s Colin worked as a ‘master’ screen printer and graphic designer and taught printmaking at Colchester School
of Art. He then had a major career shift; spending the next twenty or so years involved in education in countryside management.

Twelve years ago Colin began to create a print studio in Dumfriesshire and was able to return to being a full time artist. Most recent prints are combinations of linocut and screenprint and his subjects are often those of ‘traditional’ wildlife imagery. But he strives to take his own experience, informed approach and go beyond the purely decorative; and sometimes incorporates his own poetry as an integral part of some prints. One main objective for Colin is to use the unique qualities of hand printing techniques to create images that could not be made any other way.

The methods he uses are usually quite simple and most were once the contemporary printing technology of their time, yet the
continuous development of different craft skills and potential for technical exploration mean that, although he has been making prints for over 50 years, each day in the studio is still an exciting challenge.

We will be adding this collection very soon.