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Clare Grossman

Clare Grossman

Working from her studio in North London, Clare specialises in monotype etchings which use an experimental approach to printmaking. She attained her Master of Arts in Fine Art
Printmaking from Camberwell School of Art. Focusing on the ‘essence’ of a chosen subject, she searches to express the vital energy found in the movement of nature, the emotional response to beautiful light and the mysterious substance of shadows.

Clare works from her many sketchbooks, developing her ideas in them as a series of prints progress. Often combining etching techniques with layers of mono-printing, each
individual print may have many layers of overprinting before it is considered complete and most of the mixed monotype etchings are ‘variable’ which means each piece is unique within the edition. The scale of the work varies from the small and intimate, to the very large scaled, at over one metre wide. Her work is held in various collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Scarborough Museum & Art Gallery, BUPA and the Art UK national collection. She has exhibited widely throughout the UK including Bankside Gallery, Woolwich Print Fair and a recent solo show at For Arts Sake in Ealing. She is also an elected member of the Greenwich Printmakers Association.

Recently awarded the Intaglio Printmaker Prize in 2018, her work has been commissioned for corporate and commercial companies such as Claridges, The Langham London & Princess Noura University for Women in Saudi Arabia.