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Caroline Stow

Caroline Stow

Caroline works predominantly in etching and etched lino prints and is rooted in an interest in ecology and our human relationship to the natural world. Her final images are built up from a diverse range of sources.

For Caroline, drawing is both observational and used as a way of thinking. She has many sketchbooks, which form her resource bank of ideas and experience. She also uses materials directly, growing and collecting plants or other found objects to form delicate backgrounds on the plates. She uses printmaking processes to make and remake images, forming and dissolving connections across the picture plane, and is fascinated by the tensions produced by flowing, accidental and incidental marks and layers, upon which she will often impose figurative images.

Testing form and line intuitively, she often spends several weeks developing and refining a series of etching plates, before experimenting further with the mechanics of the printing process. The image is only complete when finally on paper and each print may be subtlety different from the last.

We will be adding this collection very soon.