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Angela Brookes

Angela Brookes

Angela Brookes trained at the Central School of Art and at London University. In her professional career she taught ceramics, but studies at the Central introduced her to the
seductive qualities of printmaking, which has now become her preferred artistic medium.

Angela’s work celebrates the glory and the mystery of the natural world, she is drawn to vast open spaces and skies and her prints explore and celebrate the infinite visual opportunities presented by the natural world and her relationship to it. She is fascinated by the ever changing effects of light she experiences at different times of the day, and as the seasons progress through the year. Angela depicts what she sees around her, and draws on deep memories of her rural upbringing, but sometimes it is just a glimpse from a train window, a flash of colour, a texture, or a fantastic sky that provides inspiration and feeds her work.

Angela works both from initial pastel drawings, sometimes made en plein air, and from a lifetime of observation. She uses a mixture of these observations and memory to create imagined landscapes. Angela is a member of the Printmakers Council and a committee member of Greenwich Printmakers.

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